We have been advertising with Gutter Enterprise since its inception and extremely pleased with the rate of return on our investment. We appreciate the articles and the team at Gutter Enterprise, always helpful and courteous.
American Gutter Supply

We have been advertising with Gutter Enterprise for some time and appreciate the articles and response that we have received. Gutter Enterprise has done a wonderful job of reaching our target audience on a national level.
Bob Joly- Hancock Enterprises

Nice articles in the November/December edition! I especially appreciated The Secrets to Motivating your Team and Keeping Workmanship High and Sales 101! Keep this excellent publication coming!
Ken Stebbins- Industry Consultant

It has been a pleasure working with you and advertising in your excellent publication – Gutter Enterprise! Your journal has put ArmourGuard on the map, and thus on a whole lot of gutters!
Scott Breyer- All Weather Armour

We have utilized Gutter Enterprise for advertising now for several issues and find GE to be a vital source for new business, as well as continue to play an important role in our national marketing and branding strategy.
Scott Griswold- Petit Tool

Gutter Enterprise magazine, which I have an ad in has helped my small business increase 40%. I invented a product called EZ Miter Gutter Template. It is a tool which will help any new or experienced gutter installer cut inside and outside miters easily. I made a video about 10 minutes long and put it on YouTube. That was my only marketing and I found it was only speaking to new people coming into the industry. When I got involved with the Gutter Enterprise Magazine, over time, my orders are up 60%. Because I’m talking to businesses that are already established and know what they’re doing they see the value in what I have. I believe it will help us all to be more successful. Don’t give up on marketing. People come into the marketplace at different times for different reasons and you must be there, or you will miss out.
D J Mills / EZ Miter Gutter Template

Gutter Enterprise is the only magazine that I know of for the Gutter Industry. I’ve read several articles and one featured Gutter Helmets. Without the article I would not have known about the company, Leaf Defender Gutter Guards in California from an ad in the November 2020 issue. Now we use that Company for gutter helmets.

Gutter Enterprise was also so kind to have published one of my articles, intitled “Are Your Gutters Worth More Than You Are Charging?” in the September 2020 issue. Many people who read this article called me directly. We had lengthy conversations on the subject of the article. I hope that I was able to help them get their prices up and to charge what they are worth.
D J Mills / Home Innovations Gutters

I find the Gutter Enterprise Journal very helpful and informative I did move and wish to continue to receive the Journal.
Jon Weaver /Installer- Premier Seamless Spouting of IN